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Explore the WNC Cheese Trail

April 25th, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Explore the WNC Cheese TrailThere are wine trails and bourbon trails and seafood trails – but did you know Western North Carolina has a trail of its own? The WNC Cheese Trail!

April 26th, 2015 sees the first annual Carolina Mountain Cheese Festival which we recently brought to your attention in this post. As such, it seems timely to more fully detail the impetus behind the creation of the Carolina Mountain Cheese Festival: the WNC Cheese Trail.

There’s a lot of delicious, fine, handmade cheese being produced in Western North Carolina these days and the WNC Cheese Trail gives you the opportunity to meet award-winning cheesemakers, see where and how your favorite cheeses are crafted, taste some delectable samples, and buy fresh cheeses right from the source.

All this plus a tour of the beautiful Western North Carolina countryside – what more could you ask for? (okay: maybe some wine or crackers with your cheese – you may have to provide your own).

The WNC Cheese Tour site offers some comprehensive maps that not only show you the locations of the cheesemaking operations but whether they are open for visitation or not. Cheesemaking can be an intensive process and not all farms are able to be open for visitation, or at least not all the time. Many offer the option of making an appointment so as to be more prepared for when you arrive. Be sure to ascertain beforehand if the cheesemakers on your proposed route are, in fact, open for visiting at that time.

Due to our location, we’ve a touch of a bias as to where to get the best cheeses on the WNC Cheese Trail (hint: they’re mostly near Asheville) – and, in that spirit, here’s a list of cheesemakers participating in the WNC Cheese Trail in the Asheville area:

Looking Glass Creamery
57 Noble Road, Fairview, NC

English Farmstead Cheese
19456 US 221 N, Marion, NC

Hickory Nut Gap Farm
57 Sugar Hollow Rd, Fairview, NC

Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery
327 Flat Creek Road, Fairview, NC

Oakmoon Farm & Creamery
57A Highway 226 N, Bakersville, NC

Round Mountain Creamery
203 Old Fort Rd., Black Mountain, NC
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Asheville area WNC Cheese Trail Map

Not every cheesemaker in Western North Carolina is part of the WNC Cheese Trail – but that doesn’t mean they don’t still make delicious cheeses! Here’s a list of some other cheesemakers in the Asheville area that you may want to visit:

Mills River Creamery
4193 Haywood Road, Mills River, NC

Daddy’s Girl Dairy
4032 Curds & Whey, Hamptonville, NC

Heritage Homestead
960 Roy Goodman Rd, Crumpler, NC

Mountain Farm
3001 Halls Chapel Rd, Burnsville, NC

Ripshin Goat Dairy
1865 Hwy 268, Lenoir, NC

Yellow Branch Cheese and Pottery
1073 Old Yellow Branch Rd, Robbinsville, NC
WNC Cheese Trail Logo

The WNC Cheese Trail

For more information about cheesemaking in Western North Carolina, a list of participating cheesemakers, and dynamic maps to their locations, be sure to visit:

Asheville Area WNC Cheese Trail Lodging
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