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Fall Foliage? Fall Foraging!

October 25th, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

fall foraging with the Wild Foods Foraging Adventure

A major concentration of edible mushrooms grows
in the Asheville/Blue Ridge mountain area.

This is an absolutely beautiful time of the year to be out and about with all the fall foliage blooming around you in splashes of red, yellow, and green but it’s also an amazing time to do some fall foraging.

Do what?

Fall foraging! Imagine being out on a walk in the woods, enjoying the scenery, and being able to recognize and pluck a delicious, normally spendy, mushroom from the surrounding foliage! Wow, right? The world around you is ripe with natural foods, if only you know what to look for, and that’s where the Wild Foods Foraging Adventure comes in!

The Wild Foods Foraging Adventure is an opportunity for you to learn from one of the masters – Alan Muskat – aka The Mushroom Man. Join Alan for a three hour odyssey into the woods where you will learn to find, safely identify, and perhaps even eat morels, chanterelles, paw paws, persimmons, and other edible, native plants.

During your browsing trip through nature’s pantry, the Mushroom man will expound upon his plant knowledge using anecdotes, jokes, and poetry designed to help you remember their key points. Learn about natural dyes, medicines, foods, and other renewable resources. Alan’s prepared an e-book that is part of the program so there is no need weigh yourself down with cumbersome note-taking materials – just come along and learn!

Later that evening, you have the option of sampling the “catch of the day” at Asheville’s Zambra Tapas or The Market Place. It all depends on what was found that day but expect wonderfully unique and delicious fare such as wood nettle ravioli, tiger lily tamales, and sassafras root beer.

Don’t miss this entertaining opportunity to learn more about the world – and then eat it!

Wild Foods Foraging Adventure

November 02, 2013
For more information and to register:

Asheville Lodging
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