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The 66th Annual Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

September 30th, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands - Oct. 17-20, 2013

The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands in Asheville, NC is not your average craft show. For one thing, it has been going on since 1948. For another, the sheer size of the show is beyond the scope of your typical craft fair. Finally, the standard of quality of the wares displayed is head and shoulders above that which you might envision when you hear the term “craft fair.”

The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands represents the proud tradition and standards of excellence embodied in the Southern Highland Craft Guild, which was formed in 1930 to help support and market for Appalachian craftspeople.

Those in the know make it a point to attend this show each year because they know how special it is. Nearly 20,000 people, at last count, come to view and buy the works of clay, metal, wood, fiber, paper, leather and mixed media, in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, created by these richly talented masters of craft.

There will also be the opportunity to hone your own craft skills as well, or even pick up some new ones, during the scheduled and always entertaining craft demonstrations given by guild members. Learn what goes into throwing pottery, weaving white oak baskets, screen-printing on fabric, natural dyeing and spinning, and more. Discover the artisan’s processes, secrets, and what inspires them to keep creating. Listen, ask, and maybe walk away inspired, yourself!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands if there wasn’t live music. Since the very first fair in 1948, music has been a part of the show and the 66th annual fair isn’t about to break that tradition! 9 different artists are presently on the schedule, ready to liven your step with their old time and bluegrass tunes.

Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

The 66th Annual Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

October 17 – 20, 2013
For a full schedule, including a map of the show, and schedules of both craft demonstrations and musical performances, please visit:

Lodging in Asheville

We would love to host you during the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands. We’re only about 10 minutes from the Asheville Civic Center where the fair is being held and would enjoy the opportunity to make your stay in town that much more enjoyable.

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