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Pilobolus Dance

February 24th, 2013 by insideout

Are you ready to see an amazing display of coordination, athleticism and artistry? A performance by renowned dance troupe Pilobolus needs to be on your to-do list!

The group is coming to Asheville on Tuesday and Wednesday March 19 & 20. The show takes place at the Diana Worthan Theater at 2 South Pack Sq. Both shows start at 8 p.m. and ticket prices range from $48 for regular admission to $10 for a student ticket.

What is Pilobolus?

Pilobolus is a modern performance company, founded in 1971. In keeping with its fundamentally collective creative process, Pilobolus Dance Theatre now curates and convenes groups of diverse artists—including the MIT Distributed Robotics Laboratory, Art Spiegelman, OK Go, Radiolab, and many others—to make inventive, athletic, witty, collaborative performance works on stage and screen using the human body as a medium for expression.

Here is a review of their shows in Philadelphia last month:

Forget “they make it look easy” – when the dancers of Pilobolus Dance Theatre perform, they make it look
all but impossible.
Pilobolus, perhaps most widely known for twining bodies into outrageous formations at the 2007 Academy Awards and the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, opened Thursday at the Annenberg Center with a weird, wonderful evening of dance interspersed with amusingly out-there short films.

Sheer strength is the name of the game in Gnomen, a piece for four men set to music by Paul Sullivan and throat singing by Matt Kent. Slowly and with intense core control, the four become one as they roll on stage as a human wheel, hold a man upside down by his arms, lift a dancer with only their feet, balance someone on his head, and defy gravity in countless ways.

Want to see a music video performed live? Skyscrapers is based on Trish Sie’s choreography for the riveting OK Go video in which Sie and a partner tango past various colorful backdrops, dressed to match each one. Pilobolus performs it with three couples who are quick-change artists, often cleverly swapping outfit after outfit right before our eyes in the span of a single song.
All Is Not Lost – also the work of Sie, also set to OK Go – takes the movement to different levels. The dancers performed on a clear elevated platform with a camera below transmitting images to a screen. So while they slither across the platform on the right side of the stage, they seem to be swimming across the screen at left; when standing and performing simple arm movements, they make interconnected shapes on the screen. They smile and play with the audience all the while, and the piece is loads of fun.                            By Ellen Dunkel of the Philadelphia Inquirer

Sounds like a truly amazing performance! If you decide to come into town for the show, allow the North Lodge on Oakland to be your hosts for the weekend. Our Asheville B&B is less than two miles from the theater!



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